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California Bugs or Wiretaps 181,000 Of Its Citizens in One Year

In 2016, California investigators used state wiretapping laws 563 times to capture 7.8 million communications from 181,000 people, and only 19% of these communications were incriminating. The year’s wiretaps cost nearly $30 million. We know this, and much more, now that the California Department of Justice (CADOJ) for the first time has released to... Read More »

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Congress Wants To Let Cops Wiretap Sex Workers

So far this year, federal lawmakers have introduced more than 30 bills related to "sex trafficking," which many in government now define to mean all prostitution. This week alone brought three new efforts. And following the familiar pattern of the drug war, these measures mostly focus on giving federal law enforcement more "tools" to find, prosecute, and... Read More »

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Domestic Surveillance Puts Wiretap Law In Jeopardy

Thanks to leaks targeting Michael Flynn and other members of the Trump administration, the reauthorization of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, as currently written, is in doubt. Superficially, Section 702 seems fine. It is a tool that enables the intelligence community to target communications of non-US persons for intelligence... Read More »

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Jails Deputy Ordered Wiretaps Of City Investigators

NEW YORK, NY — The city Department of Correction has managed to top itself. Fresh off a scandal for misusing taxpayer-funded vehicles for private trips, a deputy commissioner in the department is now accused of spying on city investigators looking into the DOC. Gregory Kuczinski, the deputy commissioner for the DOC investigation division, has been... Read More »

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Bose slapped with wiretap lawsuit claiming headphone app spies on users

A class-action lawsuit accuses Framingham’s Bose Corp. of breaking a federal wiretapping law by keeping tabs on customers’ listening habits without their permission.... Zak downloaded Bose Connect, a free smartphone app that helps users select and play their favorite tunes. But the lawsuit says that Zak didn’t know the app kept track of every... Read More »

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“Love Triangle Gone Wrong” Leads To Illegal Wiretapping Charges Against NY Prosecutor

A former county prosecutor in New York was indicted Monday on federal charges of illegally wiretapping two phones. Tara Lenich is set to be arraigned before a federal magistrate on Monday afternoon in Brooklyn. Lenich first faced state charges last fall when she was accused of orchestrating the surveillance of an unnamed male police detective and one of... Read More »

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This American Surveillance Tool Helped Russians Spy On Androids And iPhones

As the infamous tourism tagline for Nevada’s gambling paradise goes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. For Joshua Alner, a resident of Sin City, the opposite is true. Alner is the chief of a small malware merchant, Killer Mobile, whose Tracer surveillance tool for Android and iPhone has spread far beyond Las Vegas, all the way to Russia, a Forbes... Read More »

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Baltimore County officials notified calls were intercepted during 2013-14 wiretap

Numerous Baltimore County government officials received notices from federal prosecutors this month saying their communications had been intercepted as part of a wiretap investigation in 2013 and 2014. Members of the County Council and County Executive Kevin Kamenetz's administration are among those who received the notices, which were dated March... Read More »

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FBI bugged Trump Tower while probing Russian gambling ring

There’s truth to President Trump’s claim that there was wiretapping inside his Midtown skyscraper during the Obama administration — only Trump wasn’t the target. The FBI listened in on phone conversations and monitored text messages between 2011 and 2013 while probing a gambling and money-laundering ring tied to the Russian mob that operated out... Read More »

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Dennis Kucinich on Trump’s wiretap charge: ‘It happened to me’

Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) is defending President Trump's claims about being wiretapped by the Obama administration, saying during an appearance on Fox News's "The O'Reilly Factor" that his own phone had been tapped. Kucinich told Bill O'Reilly Monday night that a phone call to his congressional office from a foreign leader was tapped in 2011.... Read More »

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