In today's world, it doesn't take a technical wiz or thousands of dollars for someone to tap into your phone conversations, track your car's every move, or visually monitor and record your most private actions. Advanced surveillance equipment that existed only in James Bond movies a few years ago is now readily and inexpensively obtainable. And if you think only legitimate law enforcement agencies have access to sophisticated surveillance and eavesdropping equipment, think again.

Phone Bugs, Wiretaps, and Police-Grade Listening Devices
are openly sold on the web and in national magazines for as little as $30!

Cell Phone Bugs, Spyware and "Cell-Finity" Viruses
can spread to your mobile phone without your knowledge and can broadcast nearby conversations while the phone appears to be turned off.

Transmitting Spy-Cams and Hidden Cameras
have been miniaturized to such an extent that they can be hidden virtually anywhere -- a pen, an electrical outlet, in the mouse in your hand right now.

GPS Tracking Devices
that were only available to the FBI a few short years ago can now be purchased by virtually anyone for less than $100. There could be one on your car right now, and you would never know!

And THESE BUGS WORK, alarmingly well, and they are only the tip of the eavesdropping iceberg. That means that cost and access to sophisticated surveillance equipment are no longer obstacles for civilians who desire to surveil you.

Don't be naive --
If someone wants to bug you, they can!

► Identity Thieves ►Intrusive Government Agencies
► Jealous Wives ► Suspicious Husbands
► Overzealous District Attorneys ► Corrupt Cops
► Curious Neighbors ► False Friends
► Business Competitors ► Employers ► Co-Workers



Spy-cams, phone taps, GPS trackers, and other electronic listening devices can be monitoring entire rooms in your house from incredible distances -- not to mention ALL of your cell phone, fax, and computer communications -- but computer-age counter-surveillance bug detectors can protect you! On these pages you will find the same counter-surveillance bug detection equipment purchased by the UNITED NATIONS, the LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT and more!

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Counter Surveillance Package

Whether you require complete confidential privacy, or you intend to enter the fascinating field of Counter-Surveillance, the CS-Pro25 will prove ideal. This is an exciting, extremely profitable field that you can enter with a relatively small investment. Learn how others (without prior experience) Earn $250 Per Hour. more »

Amazing All-In-One
Bug Detector Does It All!

Detects the very latest eaves-dropping devices: room bugs, telephone taps, cell phone spyware, hidden cameras, GPS tracking devices, listening devices, etc. Our extremely unique "Infinity" Device Audio Circuitry even allows you to Listen-In to everything that the eaves-dropper is monitoring. more »

How To Find
A GPS Tracking Device

Could your car be concealing a GPS Tracker and revealing your movements and activities? GPS trackers remain legal despite their potential for abuse and require no technical expertise -- they're installed with a magnet and monitored with a phone app! Learn how to sweep your own vehicle for bugs and rest easy. more »

Learn How Others
(Without Experience)
Earn $250 Per Hour

If you've ever thought about entering one of the most interesting, exciting and extremely lucrative businesses around today, look no further. The Counter Surveillance industry is exploding with opportunity. more »

Is Your Cell Phone
Spying On You Right Now?

Is your cell phone spying on you even when it's not even on? Learn how your cell phone can remotely be turned into a microphone that broadcasts any conversation in the vicinity to a person thousands of miles away, and you'll never know until it's too late.
more »

Comprehensive Guide
To Phone Taps, Cell Bugs,
Spy-Cams & GPS Trackers

The most comprehensive guide on the internet to modern and recent surveillance equipment. Could one of these be bugging you right now? Covers series and parallel line bugs, RF transmitters, GPS trackers, the Infinity Device, cell spyware, bodywires, and many other listening devices. more »

FBI GPS Tracking Device Video

Readily Available GPS Tracker

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