Pennsylvania veterinarian charged with felony interception wiretapping of employees

Factoryville veterinarian Michele Zajac was arraigned Monday afternoon on felony charges that she electronically intercepted conversations without the permission of persons speaking.

State Police Cpl. William Mackiw noted in a criminal complaint that in February an employee of the Bunker Hill Veterinarian Hospital, where Zajac works, said she discovered a camera in one of the hospital’s treatment rooms and believed she was being taped.

Matthew Brown, a professional conduct investigator with the Pennsylvania Department of State,was brought in to assist in the investigation. The complaint states that Brown spoke with a number of current and former employees of the veterinary Hospital who believed they were being recorded while they were at work.

According to the complaint, iPhones belonging to Zajac and her husband were seized, along with two Wyze cameras that had been in the....

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Category : Surveillance News


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