Bug Detectors

Combination Bug Detector

Our most popular bug detector, the MCD-22H Combination Detector effortlessly detects all types of eavesdropping equipment from standard telephone taps to cell phone bugs, transmitting RF bugs, GPS trackers, spy-cams and more. Easy to operate yet technologically sophisticated. Ideal for most individuals.
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CS-Pro25 Professional
Counter-Surveillance Package

The field of counter-surveillance is booming, with sweep rates commanding $250/hr and more. Many professionals choose our CS-Pro25 Package, consisting of the CSD-21 Professional Detector, the DET-2 Frequency Counter, and the SBD-5H Personal Detector, all packaged in a luxurious briefcase for easy transport to the sweep site.

Counter-Surveillance Detector

When only the best will do...the CSD-21 Professional Counter-Surveillance Detector offers unparalleled sensitivity, detecting all types of bugs, taps, GPS and eavesdropping devices up to a stratospheric 10.5 GHz. The centerpiece of our CS-Pro25 Package, the CSD-21 is also offered for sale alone for those who demand the highest level of protection.

Subminiature Vibrating Detector

The SBD-5H ranks as the smallest vibrating bug detector on the internet. It is designed to be carried discretely in a pocket where its vibration will silently notify you, and only you, that you are in the presence of some type of listening device, body-wire or transmitting spy-cam. Invaluable for those who require constant "always-on" protection.

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Our products are used by police agencies, private investigators, security firms and individuals in all 50 states and over 30 countries. The designer of our equipment, John Meyner, has been in the business over forty years. Read more about us.


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