The Counter-Surveillance Business Is Booming!

For every Eavesdropping "Bug", "Telephone Tap", "Spy-Cam" and "Tracking Device" that is sold, there are 20 - 30 people out there that are afraid that they are being secretly watched and/or listened to.

If you've ever thought about entering one of the most interesting, exciting and extremely lucrative businesses around today, look no further. The Counter Surveillance industry is exploding with opportunity.

It seems that everywhere we turn . . everywhere we go . . . someone is watching or listening-in to our private conversations.

And, with each day that passes, the numbers of "watchers" and "listeners" seems to grow and grow. Today's advances in eavesdropping technology now allow just about anyone to become an eavesdropper. And for many, it seems just too tempting to resist.

Husbands, wives, neighbors, businesses and government . . . They all are doing it.

The everyday privacy that we once took for granted is now gone forever. And, everyone resents this ever-growing, ever-expanding "Electronic Invasion" into our personal lives and business affairs.

The universal desire to escape this surreptitious Eavesdropping has now created a fantastic opportunity for individuals and firms that can once again restore this rapidly vanishing privacy.

This is an enormous market that up to now, has been virtually untouched.

Take a look in your Yellow Pages or do a web search in your area and try to find someone listed that offers Counter Surveillance services. You'll see that although the demand is huge, you will find very few firms providing this service.

It's almost too good to be true. Where else could you possibly find a business with such explosively growing demand . . . and almost no one offering to provide the service?

And, with a total start-up cost of less than $1,000.

The average fee for "debugging" a single telephone is now over $200. And, it only requires about 45 minutes to complete the job.

Electronically searching for Eavesdropping Devices and/or hidden cameras in a small home or business can be done in under 3 hours and can easily command fees of $600 to $900 and more, depending upon the number of phones, rooms, etc.

Whether you decide to perform sweeps on a Part-Time or a Full Time basis, it will provide an excellent income.

And, once it gets around that you can provide this service, you'll quickly have more clients than you can handle.

There are very few businesses that can produce this spectacular return on an investment this small. And, it's never possible in a "mature" industry. Only new and technologically innovative products and services can deliver such a return.

If you are seriously considering a business of your own, there is truly no other type of business that comes even close to this:

  1. A very reasonable investment.
  2. Optional part-time or full-time participation
  3. An exceptionally interesting field
  4. A truly spectacular income

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