A Breakthrough in Transmitting Color Video Cameras

Complete Privacy!

Foremost, however, the SC-4 is a top quality wireless spy-cam. It is wireless, which means you place the camera wherever you'd like without the need of a wire running from the camera to a TV set or Computer. The miniature camera itself broadcast everything taking place in front of it, like a mini-television station, and you receive the signal without the need of any direct connection.

Everything is Included!

Third, our spy-cam can be used with dual power sources, either the included nine volt battery pack or the included AC power adapter. The 9V battery back is self-contained, meaning the camera and battery pack can be quickly positioned, and is useful when there is no wall outlet nearby. The AC adapter can be used when there is a wall outlet nearby, or where the spy-cam is to be positioned in a more or less permanent location.

Finally, the spy-cam is of the quality you've come to expect from all our products here at Spy-Nexus, and enjoys the same full satisfaction money-back guarantee. It is full color, live action, and small! Perfect for a nanny cam, for businesses concerned about shoplifting and other crimes -- the uses are endless!

And remember, if you order our CS-Pro25 Counter-Surveillance Package or the CSD-21 Professional Counter-Surveillance Detector, the SC-4 is included as a special bonus, a $199 value!



    Place the camera wherever you'd like -- no wire running to the receiver!
    Does not broadcast on television UHF frequencies, virtually eliminating possibility of accidental discovery
    Not simply black and white, like many similarly priced spy-cams
    Broadcasts live, as it happens, with no lag, delay, or choppy "stop action" or "time lapse" effect
    The SC-4 broadcasts through ceilings, floors, interior walls, exterior walls, entire houses, with a maximum range of 300 to 500 feet!


    Reduction or elimination of harmonics makes the SC-4 much harder to detect
    Power with the included AC adapter or with the simple 9 volt battery connection, also included
    Just plug in the camera, plug in the receiver, place the camera wherever you'd like, plug the receiver in to the television, and turn on the television to channel 3 or 4.  That's it!  Won't interfere with cable TV -- just use your AV input channel!
    Includes everything you'll need:  all cables, adapters, the spy-cam itself, receiver unit, 9V battery, and complete instructions.  Plus, shipping is included free!


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