Fascinating Hi-Tech Information Package
Now Included FREE with the CS-Pro25 Pro Package

We also include a Comprehensive Counter-Surveillance Course including confidential information on the following:

Comprehensive Counter-Surveillance Course

  • Ultra-Sophisticated Audio Eavesdropping Equipment
  • Ultra-Sophisticated Video Eavesdropping Equipment
  • Miniature Micro-Wave Devices
  • New methods for listening through walls
  • Computer-age Personnel and Vehicle Tracking Devices
  • How Data Banks are accessed to research anyone and anything
  • Eavesdropping by neighbors
  • How letters are read without opening them
  • How Lie Detectors are deceived
  • Fact-filled section on Eavesdropping Law
  • Much more!

Also included is complete information describing the fantastic opportunities that are now open in the Counter-Surveillance field and exactly how a number of individuals (without prior experience) are reaping a huge bonanza in the booming "debugging" business. Amazing High-Tech InfoPak

You'll learn how the ever increasing use of Electronic Listening Devices by investigative agencies, government agencies, unscrupulous business competitors, jealous husbands and wives, etc,, has created a tremendous demand for this type of service.

A complete and comprehensive information package JAM-PACKED FULL of some of the most exciting and fascinating reading imaginable. Reads like a James Bond novel, with one important exception . . .

And it's included FREE with your order for the CS-Pro25 Pro Package.

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