Our Upgraded CSD-21 Provides Maximum Protection
An Excellent Part-Time or Full-Time Income

Whether you require complete confidential privacy in certain rooms, areas and/or telephone conversations, or you intend to enter the fascinating field of Counter-Surveillance, the CSD-21 will prove ideal. This is an exciting, extremely profitable field that you can enter with a relatively small investment.

The CSD-21 quickly locates wireless spy-cams and all types of electronic eavesdropping devices concealed in telephones, homes, offices, vehicles as well as all types of "body-wire" transmitters. Two hours of simple practice with the unit, guided by our step-by-step instructions, will have you clearing telephones and sweeping rooms with professional ease and competence. The recent development of the CSD-21 and its very unique, extremely simplified operation has made it possible for a number of our equipment purchasers to also perform electronic counter-surveillance sweep services for clients on a commercial basis.

The CSD-21 detects and locates ALL major categories of Surveillance Equipment including:

  • All Types of Telephone Transmitters
  • Video Cameras (Spy-Cams)
  • Telephone Recording Devices
  • Bumper Beepers, Body "Wires"
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices
  • All Types of "INFINITY" Listening Devices
  • Concealed Eavesdropping Transmitters

This is an exciting, immensely interesting and extremely profitable field that you can enter with a minimum investment. Every newspaper and magazine article and every radio and TV story discussing some new episode involving bugging devices, continues to increase the exploding demand for electronic sweeps utilizing our state of the art counter-surveillance bug detectors. This has created a very attractive opportunity where "sweep" rates exceeding $250 per hour are now considered reasonable and appropriate.

Debugs Rooms, Cars and Telephones

The CSD-21 will provide the absolute maximum degree of protection possible today against all types of telephone taps and room bugs. Specifically detailed, step-by-step instructions assure easy operation and absolutely no technical knowledge is required. Any improper readings in either mode will immediately be brought to your attention via sequential flashing LEDs, conspicuous meter indications, or a combination of both. Completely silent operation allows covert sweeps thereby allowing you to smoke out the eavesdropper by introducing false information. Convenient output jack also allows for input into any standard cassette recorder and proves invaluable for the recording of any unidentified sounds detected, including all intercepted audio.

Now Even Detects the "SUPER BUGS"!

In the last 2 years, government and private industry have developed ultra-new "SUPER BUGS" that now watch us and listen-In to us in truly amazing ways. To combat these ever changing eavesdropping techniques, we have now uppgraded our CSD-21 Detector to protect us against these newest developments in eavesdropping techniques. This has created a fantastic opportunity to enter the fascinating field of Counter Surveillance.

PRESENTLY USED BY: Police agencies, private investigators, security firms, and private individuals in all 50 states including the L.A. POLICE DEPT. and the UNITED NATIONS. To learn more about us and about our impressive client list, click here.

Also Detects Transmitting Video Cameras

Concealed Video Cameras (Spy-Cams) are now everywhere! The CSD-21 will immediately warn you if anyone, anywhere, is secretly Video-Taping your actions with any type of transmitting Video Camera. This is done far more frequently than you would imagine. And, now you can also have complete protection from this insidious invasion of your privacy.

Also Detects GPS Tracking Devices

The latest GPS Tracking Devices allow the Eavesdropper to watch your every movement made by you and your vehicle. On his computer, he can actually see each and every place you've visited (including the addresses), and exactly how long you've stayed at each location. However, the CSD-21 will immediately alert you of the Tracking Device and quickly locate it, no matter where it's hidden on your vehicle.

Extremely Profitable Field

This is an exciting, immensely interesting and extremely profitable field that you can enter with a minimum investment. Every newspaper and magazine article and every radio and TV story discussing some new episode involving "bugging" devices, continues to increase the ever growing demand for electronic "sweeps" utilizing state of the art Counter Surveillance Bug Detectors.

The Average Fee For Debugging A Single Telephone Now Over $200

Using the CSD-21, it takes about 45 minutes to do the job. And, once it gets around that YOU can provide the service, you'll quickly have more clients than you can handle!

Tremendous Demand!

The huge rise in the numbers of illegal eavesdropping devices in the hands of individuals and firms is probably a reflection of the steady decline of ethics in business and personal relationships. Ethical conduct seems no longer to be admired or desired. In many instances, it is actually looked down upon as hopelessly out of date.

And, the unbelievable amount of advertising openly promoting the sale and use of Electronic Eavesdropping Devices easily places the equipment in the hands of any individual so inclined.

This has resulted in Tremendous Demand and Huge Profits for individuals skilled in the latest Counter Surveillance techniques!

With so little police manpower and facilities available to oppose the determined eavesdropper, the odds remain strongly stacked in his favor. In fact, police agencies seem to be far more interested in mastering eavesdropping techniques than in protecting business and the public against these blatant and insidious invasions of privacy.

All of the above makes for great opportunities in this exciting field.

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