We Constantly Get Asked One Question:

How can we possibly provide all this top of the line Detection Equipment for this low, low price?

After all, there are other firms offering products with far lower Frequency Detection Ranges and . . . without a Free Trial Full Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee . . . and they offer their products for much more money.

In fact, right now there is a "competitor's" product that is offered and represented on the Internet as "professional" Counter Surveillance Equipment and currently sells for about $2,400.

Yet, it makes absolutely no mention of one of the most widely used Eavesdropping Devices (the Infinity Tap) . . . and rather unbelievably has a maximum frequency detection range of only 3 GHz! Our CSD-21 detects transmissions up 10 GHZ!

The product is offered with a great deal of "technical" sounding (but meaningless) terms that are meant to impress the average individual that quite understandably may lack expertise in this field.

In contrast, you'll find that we try to keep our product descriptions as non-technical as possible so that individuals without an electronics background can easily understand them.

How Can We Provide Our Top Quality Equipment
At These Truly Low Prices?

The Answer is Quite Simple:

We manufacture all our equipment and sell it directly to the end user. There are no middlemen to "tack on" 50% - 200% profit margins. And, we sell more Counter Surveillance Equipment than just about anyone in the entire country.

This unusually large volume allows us to greatly discount our products and still make a fair profit. And, we've been doing it for over 40 years.

It may sound a little "corny", but it's the good, old fashioned way. . . . and it still works.

Make a great product . . . produce it in volume . . . sell it at a fair price . . . and knowledgeable, price-conscious customers will greatly appreciate it and do the rest.

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