All-In-One Bug, Phone Tap, GPS and Spy-Cam Detector

If you fear the possibility of being overheard or recorded during private conversations and require total and completely dependable protection against ALL types of eavesdropping transmitters and telephone listening devices, the MCD-22H will prove the ideal solution.

Could Someone Be "Listening In" Or Watching You?

Don't for a minute believe that an eavesdropper requires any type of large, complicated transmitting device (many are smaller than 1 inch square) . . . or that listening devices are only used by secret government agencies . . . or that the devices cost thousands of dollars!

As you read this, many "police-grade" telephone taps and bugs are presently being offered to the general public by a number of firms for incredibly low prices.

Countless individuals and firms are being enormously damaged by having their private telephone conversations overheard, monitored and recorded! Fax and computer transmissions are also regularly intercepted. And, almost without exception and AFTER the fact, the victims make a statement something along the lines of . . . .

"But I Never Thought It Would Happen To Me!"

If you fear that your rooms may be bugged or your telephones tapped, an efficient, combination RF bug detector and telephone tap detector is exactly what you need to provide full protection against all the variations of the latest techniques now employed by today's eavesdroppers.

In response to the overwhelming demand from businesses and individuals for an economical, yet completely dependable bug detector, our engineers have recently developed the Combination Bug Detector MCD-22H.

The MCD-22H's unique and exclusive telephone tap detection circuitry will detect and locate all the major categories of eavesdropping bugs and taps including:


  • Landline Bugs and Wiretaps
  • Cell Phone Spyware
  • "Series" Telephone Transmitters
  • "Parallel" Telephone Transmitters
  • GPS Tracking Devices
  • Room Bugs in Home/Office
  • RF Signal, Microwave and Laser Bugs
  • Spy-Cams and Transmitting Video Cameras
  • Computer and Fax Eavesdropping Devices
  • Body Wires
  • The "Infinity" Device

A true engineering breakthrough in bug detection, the extremely versatile MCD-22H combines a wide spectrum miniature RF bug detector and an ultra-sophisticated telephone tap detector in one compact 5" x 3" x 1" package, only slightly larger than a deck of playing cards!

Not "Just Another" Transmitter Detector

The MCD-22H is not a simple transmitting bug detector like those commonly offered by most security dealers. Aside from a few cheap "toys" that promise, but never truly deliver the higher frequencies, virtually all the other "detectors" presently offered on the Internet have a maximum effective top frequency detection range of about 3 GHz.

Today's eavesdroppers are not fools. They've seen this and have now raised the transmitting frequency of their bugs and telephone taps to above 3 GHz. This very effectively evades detection and allows them to continue to Eavesdrop on unsuspecting individuals that have been deceived into thinking that they were protected.

However, the MCD-22H's very broad detection range of 1 MHz to 9 GHz also protects against analog, digital, wireless and spread-spectrum ultra-high frequency transmitters.

The MCD-22H Also Detects The Infinity Device

And, not only does the MCD-22H quickly and easily detect the very latest transmitters, it also detects one of the most popular devices used by today's eavesdroppers known as the INFINITY device. Beware the Infinity Device!

With this space age eavesdropping device (also known variously as the Hook-Switch Bypass, Third Wire Tap, and Harmonica Bug) Eavesdroppers can literally monitor your confidential conversations With your telephone still "On The Hook!"

Everyone is aware of the widespread eavesdropping presently used to monitor telephone conversations and very few individuals now speak freely on the telephone.

You know it.... We know it.... The government knows it.... AND, THE EAVESDROPPER KNOWS IT!

He is completely aware of the fact that he will learn very little "useful" information by monitoring your telephone conversations. So now, over 95% of the time he doesn't even try!


He knows that while you won't speak freely on the telephone anymore, whenever your telephone is "down on the hook", your guard is also down. You'll speak confidentially to your wife . . . your business partner . . . your attorney . . . and usually give little, if any, thought to eavesdropping.

THAT is when you are most vulnerable. THAT is exactly when today's eavesdropper now strikes!

Very few eavesdroppers plant a transmitter and patiently sit 300 - 1,000 ft away from the subject and remotely monitor a receiver. That is far too costly, time consuming and just plain uncomfortable.

He would much rather monitor your premises whenever and from wherever he chooses!

And, that is precisely what the many variations of the INFINITY Device allows him to do.

He simply calls your telephone number and using a variety of electronic methods, prevents your telephone from ringing and then turns your telephone into a Super-Sensitive Listening Device.

He can now monitor all the conversations and even the slightest whispers in the room where the telephone (still on the hook) now innocently sits.


Hear What The Bugger Hears!

And, not only will the MCD-22H detect a concealed INFINITY DEVICE, the super-sensitive headphones included will also allow you to actually "LISTEN-IN" to everything that the eavesdropper is monitoring! With the MCD-22H, you can "tap" into your own phone line.

Check Any Phone Line
Plugs Directly
Into Phone Line -
Just Like A
Landline Telephone

The extremely high detection frequency and sensitivity of the MCD-22H has undoubtedly been an important factor in the decision to purchase our telephone tap detectors and bug detectors by countless private investigators, security forces, police departments and government agencies all across the country including the:


If you want to protect your privacy, the MCD-22H is absolutely the best all around, most economical effective combination bug detector and telephone tap detector available anywhere on the entire Internet.

The MCD-22H comes complete with everything you need including specialized headphones, batteries and operating instructions. Even shipping is included!

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