The SBD-5H: The Smallest Vibrating
Transmitter Detector On The Internet!

The SBD-5H is truly a phenomenal detector, a considerably enhanced version of our previous SBD-5. It utilizes some of the same circuitry used in the units that our companies have sold to police and security agencies all over the country including:

The Los Angeles Police Department
The Dallas Police Department

and the
United Nations
to name only a few!

Read more about us and some of our clients in our About Spy-Nexus section!

The SBD-5H was designed to be carried in a shirt or jacket pocket, or even a wallet or purse -- no one needs to know that you are privately "sweeping" for bugs!

And now that we've doubled the detection range to up to 25 feet, stealth sweeps are even easier. A subtle, silent vibration, just like a cell phone, will quietly and instantly notify you that there's a transmitter in the area!

Plus, the SBD-5H requires no external antenna -- the antenna is contained within the unit itself. Many of the smaller bug detectors on the internet have a wire antenna that hangs from the device, or a small telescoping antenna. Such antennas make covert bug-detection virtually impossible. But you can slip the SBD-5H into your pocket confidently, knowing that its powerful detection capabilities are always protecting you from eavesdroppers and prying eyes.

Sweep for hidden transmitters in homes, offices, autos, boats -- just about anywhere a wireless transmitter or spy-cam may be hidden!

And while you don't need any technical knowledge to operate the SBD-5H, rest assured that its small case conceals a wealth of technical sophistication. Detection range spans the spectrum from 40 MHz to 3.5 GHz. Most spy-cams transmit in the 1.2 GHz or 2.4 GHz range, well within the detection range of the SBD-5H. Even the latest ultra-high frequencies won't let them hide from the SBD-5H!

The SBD-5H Sub-Miniature Transmitter Detector notifies you with a subtle vibration of the presence of transmitters in the area. However, each time a transmitter is detected, its bright red LED will also blink, providing yet another silent method of verification.

State of the Art
Counter-Surveillance Technology

  • Detection Range Up To 25 feet
  • Wide-Band Frequency Detection Spectrum
  • No Conspicuous External Antenna
  • Dual Notifcation Mode: Vibration and LED
  • Protects Against Identity Theft

Never Unknowingly Be Videotaped Again

The SBD-5H will immediately warn you if anyone is secretly videotaping your actions with any type of wireless spy-cam or transmitting video-camera. This is done far more frequently than you would imagine.

It's not just "hidden camera interviews" anymore. The SBD-5H will, of course, detect this type of wireless video-camera, but also wireless "security cameras", transmitting spy-cams, voyeur-cams, nanny-cams, etc.

The SBD-5H is also included with our CS-Pro25 Professional Counter-Surveillance Package.

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