While most individuals are somewhat guarded in their telephone conversations, they still rather naively feel secure in the 'privacy' of their own home or office. And that definitely makes this 'bug' the one to fear most! Not only because of its capability, but due to the large number now in the hands of government agencies, professional industrial spies, extortionists, unscrupulous businessmen and private individuals.

  • Intercepts all conversation in the vicinity
  • Telephone remains on the hook
  • Remote activation and deactivation

The unit can be hidden directly inside the telephone or anywhere on the premises along the telephone line. Size varies from 1" x 2" to 2" x 3" with either 2 or 4 wires leaving the unit depending upon function. It may use the actual telephone microphone to pick up the sounds, or it may use an external mike of greater sensitivity. It has been disguised in any number of ways and its use is only limited by the ingenuity of the eavesdropper. Because of its devastating capability, this device has definitely become the BUG OF CHOICE.

Constantly updated over the past 30 years, most configurations of the INFINITY transmitter are activated by the introduction of one or more tones of particular frequencies, most commonly generated by a telephone keypad. The eavesdropper calls the telephone number of his victim and quickly enters the activation code before the telephone begins ringing.

If he succeeds, the unit is activated and the victim is none the wiser. However, older and less expensive devices frequently fail to trigger the unit before the first ring. When the phone inadvertently rings, the eavesdropper usually feigns a 'wrong number.' After the victim hangs up, the INFINITY Transmitter is then automatically activated. Some variations of the INFINITY transmitter are triggered by external voltage introduced into the telephone line, thereby requiring no ring to be activated.

There is absolutely no range restriction, hence the name infinity. All room sounds and conversations can be monitored and recorded from literally ANY DIRECT DIALING TELEPHONE IN THE WORLD. The eavesdropper can be as far as New York, Los Angeles or Hong Kong, or as near as the next office or the bedroom upstairs.



Recent innovations will now allow conversations held behind closed doors in totally isolated rooms to be overheard and recorded using variations of the INFINITY Transmitter. Generally, most individuals believe that if they are 'out of range' of eavesdropping microphones, their conversations are secure. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Using the same computer technology that allows visual enhancement of photos, audio information may now be similarly enhanced. Recorded sounds that previously could only be regarded as unintelligible mumbles, murmurs or whispers can now be computer enhanced to crystal clarity.

In other words, there may now literally be 1 or 2 closed doors between you and the 'bug' and your most private conversations may still be monitored and recorded. Aside from the government agencies possessing this technology, the millions of personal computers sold has put this capability into the hands of any ingenious, unprincipled firm or individual.

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