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Is that text message really from your bank? Think again.

New text message fraud surfaces in India Over a dozen Bengalureans have fallen prey to a new through which fraudsters have accessed their bank-generated One Time Passwords (OTPs) and swindled them of lakhs of rupees. While are probing multiple complaints, experts suspect the use of MazarBOT, a malware sent as an SMS link to the victim to gain remote... Read More »

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Alameda City Manager Wiretapped Councilors

An independent investigator has uncovered evidence that Alameda City Manager Jill Keimach unlawfully recorded two councilmembers and another city employee without their consent last year.... The existence of the alleged recordings was first learned in early March by independent investigator Michael Jenkins, an attorney who was hired by the council to... Read More »

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German states give police more surveillance powers

Police in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and beyond are gaining new freedoms to fight crime. Some worry authorities are going too far. With extremist violence on the rise, German states are passing legislation allowing the police wide powers of surveillance of suspects while lowering the bar about what constitutes a threat. In Bavaria, for example, a new... Read More »

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Is it legal to record a private conversation in Canada?

The Criminal Code, R.S.C. 1985, c. C-46 [Criminal Code] imposes a general prohibition on interception (recording) of private communications, but then provides an exception where one of the parties to the private communication consents to the interception of that communication. Thus, broadly speaking, Canadians can legally record their own conversations with... Read More »

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Homeland Security detects possible cellphone surveillance in D.C. and doesn’t know who’s doing it

The Department of Homeland Security has detected in the Washington, D.C., area what appears to be the unauthorized use of a controversial technology that allows for the surreptitious surveillance of people's cellphones - though it has not been able to pinpoint who or what is causing it, the department revealed in a letter released Tuesday. The... Read More »

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When Is a Wiretap Legal in New Jersey?

Although “wiretapping” sounds like something out of a spy movie or mafia crime ring investigation, it generally just refers to the act of recording a conversation (typically a conversation held over a telephone, hence the “wire” reference).... Unlike some other states, New Jersey generally only requires the consent of one party to a conversation... Read More »

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Spy games: Is buying a Chinese smartphone risky?

Does buying a smartphone from certain Chinese brands expose you to spying? Ordinarily you’d judge the Mate 10 Pro from China's Huawei on its its lovely 6-inch OLED display and exceptional battery life. But there’s a bigger issue beyond the specs of the flagship handset from the No. 3 phone maker in the world....Lawmakers in the United States have... Read More »

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The Supreme Court might make it easier for cops to tap your cell phone

Every year, judges issue thousands of wiretap orders, a type of warrant that allows law enforcement to listen in to phone calls and even read text messages. And if the federal government gets its way in front of the Supreme Court this week, obtaining a wiretap could become even easier. The Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday in a case that will... Read More »

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Man Locked in Bitter Divorce with Tobacco Heiress Caught Bugging Her Phone

A man locked in bitter divorce proceedings with a tobacco heiress was caught bugging his wife’s phone and listening in to her conversations with her attorney, an infraction that a Brooklyn judge said should cost him any claim on the family’s wealth. And while the incident occurred in the often bare-knuckle world of matrimonial law, Raoul Felder, who... Read More »

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Spyware can copy your cellphone info. More police are employing it.

Criminals, like the rest of us, conduct a lot of business on cellphones — personal hand-held devices that have fast become primary targets for law enforcement. But accessing the information in them isn’t as easy as a detective asking Siri to spill what’s inside. There are technical barriers as well as complicated and unresolved legal questions and... Read More »

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