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Navy Officer Tried To Use The NSA To Tap Her Boyfriend’s Son’s Phone

A curious Navy officer on deployment in Iraq in 2011 got in hot water with the National Security Agency when she used a top-secret database to snoop on the prepaid-phone habits of her boyfriend’s son, according to a just-released, heavily redacted NSA inspector general’s report. That 2014 investigative report — one of several obtained by Buzzfeed... Read More »

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Texas National Guard deployed cellphone spying devices on surveillance planes

The Texas National Guard spent $373,000 for "stingray" devices deployed on surveillance planes, which are capable of intercepting calls and capturing text messages. The Texas National Guard spent over $373,000 for two cellphone spying devices that are capable of intercepting calls and hoovering up content such as text messages and photos. Then they... Read More »

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For professional wiretappers, technology brings challenges and opportunities

Some people regard government surveillance as a necessary evil at best. But in the District’s outer suburbs, covertly listening in on Americans’ phone calls is considered a stable line of business by at least one local company. Steve Bock, the chief executive of wiretapping contractor Subsentio (Latin for ‘to notice secretly’), views his work as... Read More »

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What the Founders Would Say About Cellphone Surveillance

On Nov. 29, the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in an important case called Carpenter v. United States. Although the question in the case may feel very modern — whether government agents can obtain the location data generated by cellphones without a warrant — history can tell us a lot about how the court should answer that question. The Fourth... Read More »

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Germany bans smartwatches for children, says they are “prohibited listening devices”

A German regulator has banned smartwatches for kids and said they should be destroyed by parents since the watches could easily be turned into a spying device. Telecommmunications regulator Bundesnetzagentur, or Federal Network Agency, called smartwatches “prohibitive listening devices” and said it has already taken action against companies that sell... Read More »

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Illinois House votes to extend law that allows law enforcement to wiretap citizens without a warrant

The Illinois House on Wednesday voted to extend by two years a state law that allows states' attorneys to authorize police wiretaps – with no judicial warrant – of citizens for up to 24 hours. During debate Wednesday on extending the exemption to law enforcement of the state's eavesdropping law, many lawmakers expressed concern that the judicial... Read More »

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US government calls for “responsible” – as in breakable – encryption

It may seem unlikely – or even impossible – but there is agreement between the former Obama administration and the Trump administration on at least one thing: Neither likes unbreakable encryption. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein gave a couple of speeches in recent weeks focusing on encryption – one at a cybersecurity conference in Boston and... Read More »

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Google admits its new smart speaker was eavesdropping on users

A major flaw has been detected in the newly-unveiled Google Home Mini speaker that allows it to secretly record conversations without users knowing. Last week, Google showed off its next-generation smart speakers at an event in San Francisco. Following the event, it sent members of the press home with a review unit of the Google Home Mini, expected to... Read More »

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Connecticut now allows police 48 hours to track any cell phone without warrant

Among the 140 laws going into effect in Connecticut today is one that aims to regulate cellphone tracking by police agencies. Unfortunately, the law gives cops too much discretion to use the cell site simulator devices that make phone tracking possible. Specifically, the law permits police to use such devices for 48 hours without a court... Read More »

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Cell phones now tracking devices, logging permanent records of our movements

With every click and swipe, we are contributing to massive databases compiled by shadowy corporate and government entities. We are telling them where we live, the status of our health and finances, our political views, our sexual proclivities and interests. Mobile phones are now tracking devices, logging permanent records of our movements. Surveillance... Read More »

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