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State Law Enforcement Agency Purchases Malware To Intercept Emails, WhatsApp

A state law enforcement officer, apparently without the knowledge of his own agency, purchased malware that can intercept social media messages, emails, and much more, according to data obtained by Motherboard. Although it’s unclear why the investigator bought the malware, which requires physical access to a smartphone to install, this is the first... Read More »

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Alaska illegally fails to report its wiretaps to public

The Alaska Department of Law is failing to disclose when it taps the phone of an Alaskans, the Empire has learned through a public records request. In fact, the 25 years since the Alaska Legislature began allowing the state to conduct wiretaps, the Department of Law has never filed an annual wiretap report, as required by state statute. When the Empire... Read More »

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Controversial technology lets Florida sheriff’s office monitor cellphone, social media activity

Technology that can access someone's cell phone cameras without them knowing, listen in on phone calls or download information from a phone or computer without entering the password might sound like the creation of a science fiction writer, but it has existed for years and offers a glimpse into Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office's surveillance... Read More »

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Greedy daughter secretly and illegally records meeting between aging father, lawyer and psychologist

The former owner of an art gallery in Kennett Square has been found guilty of illegally intruding into a conference between her aging father, a court-appointed attorney and psychologist trying to determine his competency by secretly videotaping it with a webcam.... The prosecutors in the case [said] that O’Connor had been upset that she was being... Read More »

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Meet The Company Getting Rich Selling ‘Stalkerware’ to Jealous Lovers

How a small company in Thailand came to dominate the shady market of consumer spyware.... Read Full Article... Read More »

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Amazon won’t say if it hands your Echo data to the government

Amazon has a transparency problem. Three years ago, the retail giant became the last major tech company to reveal how many subpoenas, search warrants, and court orders it received for customer data in a half-year period. While every other tech giant had regularly published its government request figures for years, spurred on by accusations of... Read More »

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One Of The ‘Most Powerful’ Android Spyware Tools Ever Was Just Uncovered

On Tuesday, researchers from Russian firm Kaspersky Lab detailed a fresh Android spyware outbreak they believe came from an Italian vendor. And, with its novel techniques to silently infiltrate Android phones and siphon off WhatsApp messages, they think it's one of the most advanced forms of malware targeting Google's operating system ever seen.... Read... Read More »

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Some Mobile Games are Actually Spying on You

The smartphone has become quite the essential tool in the lives of many people. It’s a device that has been used for recreational, organizational or other, bigger purposes. However, how secure these devices actually are has become a topic of discussion. Unfortunately, the amount of importance of these devices has made the invasion of privacy a... Read More »

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Prosecutor Disbarred: Pasted Judges’ Signatures on Applications for Wiretaps

A former Brooklyn prosecutor who pleaded guilty to using forged wiretap orders to eavesdrop on phone conversations of a fellow prosecutor and New York City police detective has been disbarred. Tara Lenich, who began working with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office in 2005 and was fired in 2016 after her surveillance operation came to light, pleaded... Read More »

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Ohio man charged with spying on people via computer malware

A 28-year-old North Royalton man is facing 16 federal charges after authorities say he installed malware onto thousands of computers and using it to watch, listen to, and obtain personal data from unsuspecting victims. According to the indictment, Phillip R. Durachinsky used a scheme to gain access to protected computers owned by individuals, companies,... Read More »

Category : Surveillance News

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