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Lockdown Is Giving Domestic Abusers New Opportunities to Hack Into Smart Devices

"Oh, you don’t love me anymore,” said Ross Cairns when he showed up on the doorstep of his ex-wife, Catherine, one year after they had separated. He knew this, and all the details of the conversation she had with her mother only minutes prior, as he had been able to listen to everything that was said in the house following their separation. The... Read More »

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‘Peeping Tom’ uses spy-cam to watch minors undress at Vero Beach area mansion

An alleged “Peeping Tom,” who was hired to install electronic systems in some of the most exclusive neighborhoods on the Treasure Coast, was busted by Indian River Shores Police and the Indian River Sheriff’s Office for reportedly setting up a so-called spycam in the bathroom of a $20 million mansion.... Read Full Article... Read More »

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Defense attorney sues private prison for recording calls between attorneys and clients

Lawyers for a Nevada criminal defense attorney who brought wiretapping claims against private prison operator CoreCivic Inc for allegedly unlawfully intercepting and recording calls between attorneys and clients in detention facilities will urge a federal appeals court in California to.... Read Full Article... Read More »

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Pa. High Court Arguments in ‘Nanny Cam’ Case Raise Complex Privacy Questions

On its first day of its first-ever livestreamed oral arguments, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court tackled a case that the defense warned has potentially broad implications for employees' expectation of privacy in the workplace. Just about everyone’s heard of a “nanny cam,” the small hidden camera parents can use to keep a watchful eye on their... Read More »

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Ohio Supreme Court: Police can get warrants to intercept a cell phone call from both where the phone is AND from where officers are listening

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled law enforcement officers can get warrants to intercept a cell phone call from both where the phone is in use and from where officers are listening. In a unanimous decision, the court ruled state law allows officers to obtain a warrant seeking to intercept calls from a judge in the county in which the interception occurs... Read More »

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Google Sells Your Data To Government Agencies for $45 to $245

Google is reportedly encountering an increasing number of government agency requests for user information. In response, the tech giant has put a price tag on complying with legal requests for data like emails, location tracking information and search queries, according to a Friday report from The New York Times. Starting this month, Google will reportedly... Read More »

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Texas Sheriff and Deputy Alleged to Have Violated the Federal Wiretap Act and the Texas Wiretap Act

An employee with the Midland County Sheriff’s Office filed a lawsuit last week alleging her phone calls were intercepted and recorded at least 262 times over a three-month period, according to a copy of the suit obtained by the Reporter-Telegram. The suit filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court names Chief Deputy Rory McKinney, Sheriff Richard... Read More »

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High-School Students Find Spy Cams in Their Hotel Rooms

High-school students from Wisconsin attending a conference in Minneapolis found spying cameras in their rooms at a downtown hotel, prompting a police investigation. The recording devices were not found in other rooms on the property, the hotel management determined after.... Read Full Article... Read More »

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New Jersey woman accused of spying on ex-husband using child’s stuffed animal

A [New Jersey] woman is accused of spying on her ex-husband by utilizing a recording device that was inserted into their child’s stuffed animal.... Around 8:15 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 15, Bamford’s ex-husband called the Hackettstown police, reporting that his ex-wife had placed a recording device in their child’s Minnie Mouse stuffed animal, police... Read More »

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ICE’s Stingray cellphone spying ignites lawsuit from the ACLU

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection, alleging the two agencies failed to turn over data on how they’re using cellphone surveillance technology. After a December 2016 congressional report indicated that the controversial Department of Homeland Security agencies spent millions... Read More »

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