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Turkey Tycoon Alleged To GPS Track Car Of Animal Activist Agitator

An animal welfare campaigner has accused turkey farmer Bernard Matthews of using private detectives to spy on her by putting a tracking device on her car. Wendy Valentine runs the Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norwich and has campaigned against factory farming practices for more than 15 years. Investigators from her sanctuary secretly filmed Bernard... Read More »

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Federal Wiretappers Accused Of Gross Misconduct In Insider Trading Case

Federal officials violated wiretap laws while investigating financier Tim Durham, according to a motion filed today that calls for the dismissal of conspiracy and fraud charges against Durham. In a "memorandum in support of motion to dismiss" filed this morning in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana, Indianapolis attorney John... Read More »

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Inside an NSA Wiretap Room

The U.S. government hasn't officially acknowledged whether the National Security Agency is secretly siphoning the nation's electronic communications without warrants, as the Electronic Frontier Foundation alleges. But according to former AT&T technician Mark Klein, AT&T installed a secret spying room in an internet hub in San Francisco and was helping the... Read More »

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29,000 Recorded Conversations Alleged To Have Been Illegally Obtained By New Jersey LEO

Defense attorneys today questioned the legality of wiretap devices used in the case against 31 people accused of participating in a gambling and money laundering ring allegedly run by the Lucchese crime family. During a conference in Superior Court in Morristown, several defense attorneys raised the issue of the wiretaps used in the investigation and... Read More »

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Federal Wiretap Act Allows $100 Per Day For Length Of Violation

A pair of Massachusetts smartphone users have filed separate suits against mobile-phone data tracker Carrier IQ, which drew strong criticism last week from privacy advocates. Fall River’s Dylan Ferreira, 31, a self-employed real estate consultant and an HTC Evo user, filed a class action lawsuit against Carrier IQ and phone-maker HTC after reading... Read More »

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The Wiretappers’ Ball: Trade in surveillance technology raises worries

Northern Virginia technology entrepreneur Jerry Lucas hosted his first trade show for makers of surveillance gear at the McLean Hilton in May 2002. Thirty-five people attended. Nine years later, Lucas holds five events annually around the world, drawing hundreds of vendors and thousands of potential buyers for an industry that he estimates sells $5... Read More »

Category : Surveillance News

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