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Man who videotaped women with hidden iPhone in university bathrooms pleads guilty

The former West Chester University theater major charged with hiding his cellphone in bathrooms in several locations, including one at the school’s performing arts center, to record women in various stages of undress has pleaded guilty to committing the crimes..... A WCU officer was able to take the man, later identified as Yannuzzi by his student ID,... Read More »

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Ex-airman sued for planting camera in women’s locker room at Massachusetts Air Guard base

A woman has filed a civil suit against a former member of the 104th Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard, saying she has suffered emotional distress and "a diminished capacity to enjoy life" in the years since he used a hidden camera at Barnes Air National Guard Base to record explicit images of her. Former Tech Sgt. Jason Venne, 37, pleaded guilty in... Read More »

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Motion-Sensor-Activated Camera in Bedroom and Illegal Wiretapping Lead to Cyberstalking Conviction

According to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, in December 2017, the principal of a public school district in Broken Bow reported to the FBI that someone was sending persistent and escalating threats of violence to a teacher working for the school district. The person issuing the threats was at times impersonating other teachers in the... Read More »

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How to tell if someone is bugging or tracking you

As amazing as most modern technology is, we can't ignore the fact that some people don't always use it with the best intentions. In fact, some essential pieces of tech that we use every day -- like cameras and GPS -- have led to an ecosystem of so-called "stalkerware" for criminals and creeps to take advantage of. "Stalkerware," at its core, is just... Read More »

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Forget Panic Rooms and Alarms, State-of-the-Art Security Is Now Insanely High-Tech: Nearly Invisible Stone walls and steel gates no longer cut it

When German entrepreneur Daniel Giersch finalized his contentious divorce from American actress Kelly Rutherford, gaining custody of the couple’s two young children in 2009, he built a fortress to protect them. His sprawling 11,000-square-foot complex in the South of France includes high stone walls, reinforced steel gates, even a warren of secret escape... Read More »

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With a single wiretap, police collected 9.2 million text messages

For four months in 2018, authorities in Texas collected more than 9.2 million messages under a single court-authorized wiretap order, newly released figures show. The wiretap, granted by a federal judge in the Southern District of Texas, was granted as part of a narcotics investigation and became the federal wiretap with the most intercepts in 2018,... Read More »

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Massachusetts lawyer’s license suspended after wiretapping conviction

The state’s highest court has suspended the license of a lawyer who plead guilty to placing an electronic listening device in the home of a former boyfriend. Under the order by the state’s Supreme Judicial Court, Kimberly Gail LaTorraca is not allowed to practice law for five months. She cannot represent clients in court and also must return any... Read More »

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Flaws in a popular GPS tracker leak real-time locations and can remotely activate its microphone

A popular GPS tracker — used as a panic alarm for elderly patients, to monitor kids and track vehicles — contains security flaws, which security researchers say are so severe the device should be recalled. The Chinese-manufactured white-label location tracker, rebranded and sold by more than a dozen companies — including Pebbell by HoIP Telecom,... Read More »

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State, federal laws govern whether doctor visits can be recorded

Audio and video recordings of doctors’ visits can be used to improve patients’ and families’ understanding of medical conditions and care instructions. In some situations, however, providers may be concerned that recordings could be harmful or illegal or may cause liability down the line. What legal protections apply to recordings of doctors’... Read More »

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This is how attackers were able to spread spyware through WhatsApp with just a phone call

Earlier this week, it was reported that a vulnerability in Facebook's popular WhatsApp messaging service made it possible for attackers to spread spyware to smartphones via phone calls made through the app.... [I]ntruders exploited the buffer-overflow bug through the app's phone-call function to install spyware on smartphones without the phones' owners... Read More »

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