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Daughter Who Used Web Cam to Secretly Observe Millionaire Father’s Meeting Sentenced

A Kennett area woman who appeared in Common Pleas Court for her sentencing Monday for secretly videotaping with a webcam a conference between her aging father and those trying to determine his competency was legally intoxicated when she arrived for the proceeding. According to a court official with the Chester County Office of Pre-Trial Services,... Read More »

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Department of Defense Admits Wiretapping Attorney’s Phone Calls With American Citizen

The Department of Defense "inadvertently" recorded at least 18 phone calls between an American citizen imprisoned in Iraq and his attorneys at the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, POLITICO reported. According to a public filing with the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, a civilian DoD employee noticed that the... Read More »

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To Spy on a Cheating Spouse

In the unfortunate event that your marriage does not last, it may at least end amicably. Or it may not, in which case its final days might need to be accompanied by the kind of aggressive electronic surveillance that once was used only by three-letter federal agencies. But be warned if you're thinking about snooping on your spouse: A little-known section... Read More »

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Police: Man hid video recording device in preschool restroom

An electrician who police say hid a video recording device resembling a pen in a Massachusetts preschool bathroom has been arrested. The Sun Chronicle reports that 48-year-old Darin McNeil pleaded not guilty to wiretapping and attempting to commit a sexual surveillance wiretap. Police say a school employee found the device hidden.... Read Full... Read More »

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Hundreds of Apps Can Empower Stalkers to Track Their Victims

KidGuard is a phone app that markets itself as a tool for keeping tabs on children. But it has also promoted its surveillance for other purposes and run blog posts with headlines like “How to Read Deleted Texts on Your Lover’s Phone.” A similar app, mSpy, offered advice to a woman on secretly monitoring her husband. Still another, Spyzie, ran ads... Read More »

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South Carolina Sheriff Accused of Bugging “Multiple Offices”

Suspended Greenville County, South Carolina sheriff Will Lewis bugged “multiple offices” inside his department, according to several Upstate sources familiar with the status of an ongoing investigation into his administration. Lewis – who was indicted earlier this month on misconduct in office and obstruction of justice charges – has been the... Read More »

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Massachusetts hospital fires employee for planting hidden camera in restroom

An employee at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center in Burlington has been fired from his job and charged with wiretapping for placing a a hidden camera in an employee restroom, officials said Thursday. Michael Mcdermott, 21, of Tewksbury was charged with three counts of photographing an unsuspecting nude person, and one count of possession of a wiretap... Read More »

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New York State Wiretapping Law Explained In Context of Trump Lawyer

In New York, a person is guilty of eavesdropping, a felony, when he or she unlawfully engages in wiretapping, "mechanical overhearing" of a conversation or intercepting an electronic communication. Wiretapping is the use of a device to intentionally, and without consent, record a telephonic communication, by a person other than a participant. "Mechanical... Read More »

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Is that text message really from your bank? Think again.

New text message fraud surfaces in India Over a dozen Bengalureans have fallen prey to a new through which fraudsters have accessed their bank-generated One Time Passwords (OTPs) and swindled them of lakhs of rupees. While are probing multiple complaints, experts suspect the use of MazarBOT, a malware sent as an SMS link to the victim to gain remote... Read More »

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Alameda City Manager Wiretapped Councilors

An independent investigator has uncovered evidence that Alameda City Manager Jill Keimach unlawfully recorded two councilmembers and another city employee without their consent last year.... The existence of the alleged recordings was first learned in early March by independent investigator Michael Jenkins, an attorney who was hired by the council to... Read More »

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