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Massachusetts lawyer’s license suspended after wiretapping conviction

The state’s highest court has suspended the license of a lawyer who plead guilty to placing an electronic listening device in the home of a former boyfriend. Under the order by the state’s Supreme Judicial Court, Kimberly Gail LaTorraca is not allowed to practice law for five months. She cannot represent clients in court and also must return any... Read More »

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Flaws in a popular GPS tracker leak real-time locations and can remotely activate its microphone

A popular GPS tracker — used as a panic alarm for elderly patients, to monitor kids and track vehicles — contains security flaws, which security researchers say are so severe the device should be recalled. The Chinese-manufactured white-label location tracker, rebranded and sold by more than a dozen companies — including Pebbell by HoIP Telecom,... Read More »

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State, federal laws govern whether doctor visits can be recorded

Audio and video recordings of doctors’ visits can be used to improve patients’ and families’ understanding of medical conditions and care instructions. In some situations, however, providers may be concerned that recordings could be harmful or illegal or may cause liability down the line. What legal protections apply to recordings of doctors’... Read More »

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This is how attackers were able to spread spyware through WhatsApp with just a phone call

Earlier this week, it was reported that a vulnerability in Facebook's popular WhatsApp messaging service made it possible for attackers to spread spyware to smartphones via phone calls made through the app.... [I]ntruders exploited the buffer-overflow bug through the app's phone-call function to install spyware on smartphones without the phones' owners... Read More »

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Hidden camera and microphone found in RI police ceiling

The NBC 10 I-Team has learned there will be no criminal charges after a recording device was found in the ceiling of the Scituate Police Department. In February, a technician working for a computer company discovered a camera and active microphone attached to the ceiling of the department’s building on Tunk Hill Road. The discovery immediately... Read More »

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New kind of malware targets your cellphone, could steal personal information

For many years, we've been concerned about attacks on our computers. But the bad guys are now going after our phones, which contain a lot of our personal information. Spyware called Exodus has been discovered by security experts in Europe. Once Exodus is installed, it can access a cellphone's contacts, photos, videos and location. It can also be... Read More »

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Should we be searching for hidden spy cameras in Airbnbs?

Airbnbs have changed the way we vacation, offering accommodation that adds a whole new dimension to travel. Sometimes that extra dimension is delightful -- a unique place to crash in a cool neighborhood, or the chance to experience life like a local. But lately, there have been a few incidents where the extra dimension is downright creepy. In the... Read More »

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Government spyware hidden in Google Play store apps

We’ve seen malicious government cyberweapons leaked out of the National Security Agency (NSA) and injected via ransomware, but security researchers recently found government spyware squatting in plain sight, pretending to be harmless vanilla apps on Google’s Play store. This time around, the malware doesn’t come from the NSA. Rather, it alegedly... Read More »

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How to Tell If Your Partner is Spying on Your Phone

"Stalkerware" apps let abusers monitor their partner's phones and track their locations—without them knowing. When you think of “stalkerware,” what comes to mind is probably a spy-movie hacker planting chips on shoes or placing tiny video cameras on flies that hover around their targets. In reality, however, the stalkerware industry is much more... Read More »

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Hidden Nanny Cam Footage Allowed As Evidence In Trial

Pennsylvania Superior Court determined last week that video images can be used in the trial for a nanny accused of shoving and striking a child. The appellate court also ruled that audio must be omitted from the recording of Beth Ann Mason, who was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and endangering the welfare of a child.... Superior... Read More »

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