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Surveillance Targets Deserve Answers About Mysterious Wiretaps

Two individuals with no criminal record—one of whom is a retired California Highway Patrol officer—are asking a California Superior Court why their phones were tapped in 2015. These are just two targets of hundreds of questionable wiretaps authorized by a single judge, Helios J. Hernandez, in Riverside County. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)... Read More »

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PA student student accused of secretly taping dozens of women in bathrooms

A West Chester University student secretly recorded dozens of women in a campus arts center restroom as well as restrooms in area theaters and homes over the last two years, and uploaded at least one video to a website for others to watch, authorities said Tuesday. Joshua Yannuzzi, 24, was charged with more than 100 counts of crimes including invasion of... Read More »

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Pennsylvania School Superintendent Allegedly Secretly Videotaped Critics, Now Faces Charges

The former superintendent of Pleasant Valley School District, her former assistant, and another school administrator allegedly targeted, threatened and reassigned teachers and staff who criticized or disagreed with them, a Monroe County investigative grand jury found in recommending a number of charges against them. In a presentment signed last month but... Read More »

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Saudi agents are reportedly secretly installing spyware onto people’s phones to track critics abroad

Saudi agents are reportedly secretly installing spyware on people's smartphones to crack down on critics living abroad. At least one critic of the kingdom had his smartphone targeted by Israeli cyberintelligence firm NSO Group's Pegasus spyware software, which enables hackers to gain access to messages, photos, emails, microphone, and camera, according... Read More »

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America ‘One Of 45 Countries’ Infected By Uber-Powerful Israeli Smartphone Spyware

ome of the world’s most sophisticated Android and iPhone spyware has been found floating around America for the first time. It's one of as many as 45 countries in which NSO Group malware was uncovered. And together they may represent breaches of American and other nations' computer crime laws against cross-border hacking, not to mention a severe concern... Read More »

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Is Your Casino Spying On Your Cell Phone, Texts and Emails?

A pair of gamblers have accused the Rivers Casino in Pennsylvania of violating wiretapping laws when it snooped on their text messages, emails and financial information while they were at the casino gambling last fall, according to a lawsuit filed last month. The gamblers—Julie Capone and Hayley Clerici—alleged that Rivers Casino, through its... Read More »

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Popular spying app leaks millions of sensitive records

Most of the spy apps available now are marketed as surefire ways for parents to keep tabs on their kids, but there is no limit on what they can do. These stealthy apps can also be used by spouses, family members, or even suspicious employers to spy on specific targets. (If someone seems to magically know a little too much about your day to day... Read More »

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Two-Party and One-Party Consent States: The Implications of Recording in the Workplace

Depending on the state, secretly recording a conversation with a co-worker may violate state wiretap laws. Twelve states prohibit recording a conversation without the consent of all parties to the conversation. In these states, for example, an employee could violate state wiretap law if.... Read Full Article... Read More »

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U.S. Government Seeks Facebook Help to Wiretap Messenger

The U.S. government is trying to force Facebook Inc to break the encryption in its popular Messenger app so law enforcement may listen to a suspect’s voice conversations in a criminal probe, three people briefed on the case said, resurrecting the issue of whether companies can be compelled to alter their products to enable surveillance. The previously... Read More »

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Omarosa secretly recorded her coworkers—think very carefully before doing the same

Before you channel your inner Omarosa, you may want to consider the consequences. Before she was fired from the White House last December, former West Wing aide and reality television star Omarosa Manigault-Newman secretly recorded conversations she had with President Trump and his chief of staff, John Kelly. She played one of the recordings — in which... Read More »

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