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Are you concerned that your vehicle is being tracked?
You have good reason to fear!

Is Your Vehicle Being Tracked By GPS?

GPS tracking devices are one of the fastest growing areas in the surveillance industry. Their popularity is exploding and many distributors have difficulty keeping these devices in stock. GPS Tracking Device Attaches to Car with Magnet

Why? Because GPS trackers are so easy to use and because they can be used with devastating effect. A GPS tracker allows someone in real time to know where you are and who you are with at all times. These devices utilize the technology of dozens of satellites circling the globe 24 hours a day - the Global Positioning System, or GPS, operated by the United States Air Force - to pinpoint your whereabouts to within a few feet. And all this information is documented and logged. For as long as the tracker is on your vehicle, whether for days, weeks, or months, your exact location and the people you interact with will be recorded.

These space-age GPS Trackers are easy to obtain. Long gone are the days when a person needed to hire a private detective or have a shady acquaintance to acquire a GPS Tracker. Because there exist perfectly legal uses for GPS trackers - such as a business monitoring its fleet of delivery trucks - they are perfectly legal to purchase. A business can order any one of scores of commercially available tracking devices to be delivered tomorrow. And so can absolutely anyone else! Man Luckily Discovers Poorly Concealed GPS Tracking Device

And, price is no obstacle today because GPS trackers are the cheapest they've ever been. Most modern GPS trackers use basic cellphone technology, but they don't need to run the latest apps or have a fancy screen (or any screen at all). They simply have to record your location and transmit that information to the person or organization monitoring you. The simplest cellphones of 20 years ago could do this, and that's why GPS trackers are so inexpensive today. They can be purchased for as little as $30, and full-featured models - devices that can "listen-in" on all your conversations and phone calls in the car as well as track your movements - are only a few hundred dollars.

For A Mere $30 --
A Business Competitor, A Criminal Organization,
or Even A "Trusted Friend"
Can Know Where You Are At All Times!

Furthermore, no technical expertise is required to install today's GPS tracking devices. The simpler variations are affixed to cars with a magnet or industrial-grade velcro! No electrical or mechanical knowledge is required. The spy needs only a few moments of access to your vehicle and, voila! Your every move is now being tracked and recorded.

In today's world, if someone wants to track your vehicle, they can. Easily!

As for monitoring, the person surveilling you simply installs an app on their phone or iPhone, tablet or iPad, or desktop computer. They will then be presented with a real-time GPS map of exactly where you are at all times. It is exactly like the spy and police dramas that seemed like science fiction a few years ago, except now this technology is available to everyone, no matter nefarious their intentions!

How To Find A GPS Tracking Device

At this very moment, there are hundreds of thousands -- perhaps millions -- of GPS trackers in use, some installed legitimately but very many installed illegitimately. How can you determine if one of these has been concealed on your vehicle?

The short answer is that a true inspection, one that will uncover all types of hidden GPS trackers, requires an electronic GPS tracker detector, such as the world's most popular GPS, bug, and spy-cam detector, our own MCD-22H. Why? First, a thorough visual and manual inspection requires hours, and that is assuming that you are knowledgeable enough to know what should be found in your car and what shouldn't be.

GPS trackers do not all look the same.
Some are even designed to look like real car parts!

Ideally, the car will be placed on a lift to allow inspection of the undercarriage, door panels will be removed, and the dashboard and rear shelf will be removed to allow acces to the speaker compartments. A thorough visual and manual inspection is something of a Herculean task, but for those knowledgeable enough about cars and willing to make the large time commitment, it is technically possible. However, if no tracker is found after a visual inspection, one will be left with the nagging suspicion that there was a tracking device, but the search simply missed it! And the visual inspection may, in fact, very well have missed it! The visual search will have been for nothing, a waste of time.

A better approach utilizes the same type of advanced technology used by the tracking devices themselves, the EMF spectrum. Virtually all GPS trackers transmit the data that they record to the person conducting the surveillance, and it is this RF signal that the MCD-22H homes in on. No matter how cleverly crafted the tracking device, no matter ingeniously concealed, the GPS Tracker must "phone home" to report the information it has recorded, and it is this weakness that the MCD‑22H capitalizes on.

Nevertheless, a visual and manual inspection can conceivably reveal a very small percentage of the most poorly concealed devices. This type of inspection is, to use a cliche, better than nothing, but only if one is already familiar with automobiles and even then, just barely so.

Common Places To Conceal GPS Trackers

The visual and manual inspection of a vehicle for GPS tracking devices should be conducted in a well-lighted area with a basic mechanic's toolset and, ideally, a hydraulic lift to allow full access to the undercarriage of the automobile. The car battery should be disconnected when accessing the electrical system except when some type of load testing is being performed. A Chilton's manual or other on-line reference guide will also prove helpful.

Where To Find GPS Tracking Devices

In Front Or Rear Wheel Wells
Attached To Rim or Brake Assembly
Underneath Or Inside Bumpers
In The Trunk
Inside Headlight Enclosures
Inside Taillight Enclosures
On The Undercarriage, Near Side Of Car
In Stereo Speakers In Dashboard
In Stereo Speakers In Rear Shelf
In Glove Compartment
But Remember: A Visual Inspection
Uncovers Less Than 10% of Trackers

How To Really Find the Tracker

As you can see, few of these areas allow for easy visual and manual inspection. Even when they do -- as in the case, for example, of the trunk -- the graphic above is somewhat misleading, as inspection of the trunk alone requires numerous steps. One must search the cargo area, beneath the cargo area, in the spare tire area, one must search the spare tire itself (rim and tire), the jack compartment, the jack itself, within the fenders and body, etc. Even then, there is always the strong possibility that an area was missed. For example, was the trunk lid or decklid itself searched? The hinges? The lock? The visual inspection is fraught with the possibility for oversights such as these.

How To Really Protect Yourself

Nevertheless, recent advances in GPS detection technology have allowed those being victimized by surveillance to keep pace with those surveilling them. Electronic GPS detectors -- as simple to use as the GPS trackers themselves, perhaps simpler! -- allow thorough inspection of a vehicle in a fraction of the time a visual and manual inspection would take, and with far more certain results! And, remember, the "installation" of a GPS tracker can take only a moment. Electronic detection may be conducted quickly and repeatedly Really to have constant ease of mind, each day, each week, each weekend, so that a tracker may be detected virtually as soon as it is installed.

And there is one more reason that an electronic bug detector is recommended over visual inspection, perhaps the most important --

Did you realize that you have a GPS tracker with you already? One complete with microphone, camera and video camera, video and audio recording capability, GPS mapping technology, logging ability, and 24 hour access to some of the most advanced communication systems on the planet?

It's your cell phone! If your cell phone is "bugged", you already have a GPS tracker tracking you!

If your cell phone is "bugged",
You already have a GPS tracker tracking you!

For this reason, to be truly secure, you need a GPS and Bug Detector, a detector that will detect both hardware surveillance devices (like most GPS trackers and landline bugs) and software surveillance techniques (like most cellphone spyware). You need the world's most popular All-In-One Bug & GPS Detector, the MCD-22H, available now at a special-internet only sale price and including free shipping and a free White Noise Generator for an extra level of security!

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