No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

If you are seriously considering the purchase of any type of Bug Detector, GPS Detector or other Counter-Surveillance Equipment, you can save yourself a considerable amount of money by simply taking a few minutes to carefully read all of the following.

Money Back Guarantee


There is an incredible amount of misrepresentation and misinformation published in print and on the INTERNET concerning bug detectors and counter- surveillance equipment. Most of it is produced by unscrupulous firms intent upon marketing and selling their totally ineffective equipment to the public. These are firms that have just entered the business in the past few years, since the advent of the INTERNET.

One of the best tests to determine whether or not you are dealing with one of these disreputable firms is to carefully examine their GUARANTEE. A deceptive one will usually be deliberately HIDDEN somewhere in their Terms, or Returns section.

If there is no guarantee that states a full refund if you're not completely satisfied, or you see the ALIBI of no returns due to the "nature" of their detectors, you have absolutely no recourse when their equipment proves totally ineffective.

If they offer a deceptive Guarantee that promises that you may return the product for "exchange", you still have no recourse. You won't be able to get your money back and they will only exchange the product for another product of "similar" (worthless) value. And, most firms offering this "Guarantee" even require a full 20 - 25% "restocking" fee. It's fairly easy to see that you have absolutely no protection with a Guarantee of this type. Yet, you'll find this type of deceptive Guarantee is now very common on the INTERNET in the counter-surveillance field.

Of course, their equipment is incapable of doing anything except filling the pockets of the crooked promoters. If they won't provide a Full Refund Satisfaction Guarantee, you know that they, themselves, don't believe in the actual effectiveness of their "detectors". And, if a firm ever requires their approval before they will accept a return, don't walk -- RUN -- away from this little deception. If you expect them to approve the return of one of their products, you are going to have one very, very lengthy wait.

Take the time to do a little investigating before you purchase. Not only will it save you a lot of money, it will be the difference between purchasing a great piece of detection equipment and a piece of misrepresented junk that you can't even return.


Try out any of our products in the privacy of your own home and if, For Any Reason at All, you're not completely delighted and 100% satisfied, simply return them within 10 days for a Full and Prompt Refund less 15% of the purchase price shipping and handling.


No ifs, ands, buts, or conditions of any kind. Simply return any product and every penny you paid less shipping and handling will promptly be returned to you. GUARANTEED!

And, for the skeptics and also for your complete protection, we suggest that you print this and keep a copy in your files.

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